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Make your 2017 Financial Resolutions TODAY


We all (or should, at least) take a keen interest in our health – after all, it is the one thing that money can’t buy. When it comes to our finances and how healthy they are, lots of us take a backseat and ignore it as an irritant to be dealt with at a later date.

We believe that there’s no time like the present to make sure your finances are as strong as possible for the year ahead – here’s some simple steps you can take to make 2017 a more financially secure year.

Set yourself a realistic budget
Do you REALLY know what you spend in a year? List your expenses on a sheet of paper, and (most importantly), be honest! Don’t leave out any expenses, and you’ll see what you can easily cut out.

Pay your credit card balance in full
In some cases, you could be paying over 20% in interest for every unpaid credit card balance over a year. That means you’re paying 20% more than the listed price for your purchases! So, pay your credit card balance as soon as you’re able to – it could be the first step towards improved financial well-being!

Build up a cushion for emergencies
What would you do if you lost your job tomorrow? Build yourself a fallback for emergencies that’s equivalent to roughly six months of income – it could be crucial while you seek new employment.

Get informed!
Don’t automatically avoid the finance sections of newspapers, magazines, and websites. You could find information that help you understand your own financial situation and help you better understand what your Financial Consultant and Company are telling you.

Consult a Professional. We’re here to help!
We’re proud to offer independent advice on a range of financial matters; Our Consultants search the whole of marketplace to find the solution that’s best for YOU.

CHN are also proud to hold the prestigious “Chartered Financial Planners” status, awarded by the Chartered Insurance Institute and considered to be the “gold standard” in our industry. It recognises the dedication, integrity and high level of customer service we aim to give ALL our clients.

To arrange an initial NO OBLIGATION review, use the contact form or call 0113 3878240.