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About CHN

Financial Advice You Can Trust

Careful financial planning aims to provide you with confidence and security for your future. At CHN, we offer a range of tailored services that help enable you to plan and protect your private and corporate financial futures.

From private investment, group pensions and corporate protection, to human resources and employee benefits, at CHN we aim to support you with your financial needs and aspirations.

Discover how we may be able to help you secure your financial future, by calling our office on 0113 387 8240.

Why Choose Us?

CHN Financial Consultancy was born from the experience and knowledge gained from our founders, who all worked within a major bank in both private and corporate sectors.  Since the creation of the business we have consistently grown, and in our opinion, we now have some of the best back office and advisory staff in their given field.

In creating a financial consultancy, it was our desire from the outset to provide a quality, tailor-made approach to both private and corporate clients in all areas of financial management, financial protection and wealth creation. We put the interests of our clients at the heart of everything we do. We appreciate that everybody is unique and that how, and with whom you invest your money, is one of the most important decisions you will make.

We are proud to have been awarded the Corporate “Chartered Financial Planners” status by the Chartered Insurance Institute, (considered the “gold standard” in our industry) which recognises the dedication, integrity and high level of customer service we aim to give all our clients.

Managing your financial future

Tailored professional financial advice that you can trust is the essence of our service to you.  Whether you’re looking for help with your personal financial management, or corporate financial planning, our experienced team is here to help support your individual needs so that you can invest with confidence.

As a client of our practice we aim to ensure you have continual peace of mind knowing that a specialist financial consultancy has all your financial objectives in order.