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Corporate Social Responsibility

As a company we recognise that our activities have a wider effect on society and want to ensure we have a positive impact in the community. 

We choose to partner with two charities each year who align with our values and we aim to raise valuable funds for them through various different initiatives.

Our Charity Partners for 2022 are:

Memusi Foundation

The Memusi Foundation believes passionately in education and the right that every person has to a quality education. It is through quality education that every child has the opportunity to escape poverty in their own lifetime, providing a path of hope. They work primarily in Magadi, in Kajiado County (although not limited to) having reach to over 8000 children across 42 Primary Schools and ECD centres.

As well as building their own schools as beacons, Memusi also invests heavily in Memusi Outreach; a programme working across the whole of the Magadi region to enhance education standards for all children. 



Candlelighters support families facing children's cancer in Yorkshire and get involved in all sorts of different projects to help ordinary families who are facing extraordinary circumstances. This means they do everything from supporting people to funding cancer research. 

The money they raise helps to pay for everything from Chemo ducks to equipment on the wards and clinic. As well as funding the jobs of the many people who make children’s cancer treatment in Yorkshire amongst the best in the country.