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Pension Transfers

It may not be widely known by most people but everyone is entitled to transfer part or all of their pension scheme or schemes (sometimes referred to as their “pension pot”) to alternative pension schemes. There may be a number … Continue reading

Do you have a will?

To many people the title of this blog might seem a boring question and this seems to be borne out by the UK population.  Staggeringly, only 3 in 10 people in the UK have a will!  Despite everyone seeming to … Continue reading

George Osbourne’s plan to unlock pensions

The current coalition government desires every individual to have immensely more control over their pension than they do currently. In the most extreme application of the planned reforms it will be possible, from April 2015, for anyone over the age … Continue reading

What does your retirement look like?

Stop. Before you do anything else, ask yourself the following question: What does your retirement look like? With the right planning and forethought you could be enjoying long lazy days on the beach, or perhaps a round of leisurely golf … Continue reading

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