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First Time Home Buyer Checklist

Many first time buyers get caught out with all the extra fees that come with buying and owning a house. Even though there are thousands of buyers each year, there is still no clear indication of how much it all costs.

We have created a cost checklist to help you understand the key costs associated with purchasing a house, especially for first time buyers.


Ο  House Deposit 

Ο  Mortgage Product Fees

Ο  Valuation Feed

Ο  Survey Costs

Ο  Mortgage Adviser Fees

Ο  Conveyancing/Legal Fees

Ο  Land Registary Fee

Ο  Stampy Duty*

Ο  Moving Fees

Ο  Mortgage Repayments

Ο  Home Insurance

Ο  Mortgage Protection

Ο  Furniture Costs / Renovation Costs

Ο  Maintenance

Ο  Council Tax

Ο  Utilities


*Stamp Duty for First Time Buyers is currently 0% for the first £300,000 of a £500,000 home. This threshold does not apply if the property you are buying costs more than £500,000 and you'll pay the normal rate of stamp duty.