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How an IFA can help you

For many people seeking financial advice it can, initially at least, be a confusing experience – there are a myriad of different companies available, many varying in the services that they offer. It’s no surprise that a trusted and knowledgeable adviser is a much sought after commodity as clients seek to achieve their financial goals.
Some of this confusion arises from the type of adviser available to potential clients; generally speaking, there are two types of Adviser – IFA’S (Independent Financial Advisers) and Restricted Advisers.

IFA’S offer impartial advice and can recommend products from any provider across the entire market. This means that they are able to offer bespoke advice which suits a client’s particular financial situation as they are not tied to a particular provider’s product range. This is in contrast to a Restricted Advisor, who only sells products from a select range of providers or who select a product from the whole of the market but only specialise in a specific area (e.g pensions)

Why use an IFA?

As a Chartered Independent Financial Consultancy, Clayton Holmes Naisbitt is proud to offer unbiased advice on a range of financial matters.
It is a pre-requisite that our advisers stay up to date with the latest financial changes so they are able to give the most accurate and relevant advice possible to clients. This is done by a process of Continuing Professional Development (known as CPD) throughout their career with us. This on-going learning is important as it means that the advisers are in a position to adapt quickly to any legislative or personal changes in a client’s circumstances.

What happens when you meet an IFA?

After having a general conversation about what the client’s financial situation is, adviser will complete a “Fact Find” questionnaire. This is done to find out further information about the client so more in-depth planning can be one to identify what they hope to achieve financially, both short and long-term.
IFA’s operate on a strictly confidential basis – any information clients give them regarding personal and financial details are protected by the Data Protection rules. Clients can be confident that their details are only used to allow the adviser to maximise any opportunities available to them.
If you feel that you could benefit from independent financial advice please contact us on 0113 3878240 or email us.