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How we work

Delivering a bespoke and trustworthy service to our clients is our number one priority.

At CHN Financial Consultancy, we are with you throughout your life’s journey, consistently adapting our services to suit your ever-changing circumstances and needs.

To make it clear and transparent we have broken down our Financial Planning Process into 4 stages, to help you to meet your goals and expectations.

Stage 1. Initial Consultation

We offer an initial consultation with one of our financial advisers at our expense.

This meeting will be to:

  • Understand your personal needs and objectives
  • Provide the opportunity to ask questions
  • Outline appropriate costs and give you the opportunity to appoint us

Stage 2. Review and Recommendation Process

Once appointed, we will carry out a comprehensive assessment of your financial circumstances to establish your financial planning requirements, we do this by:

  • Gathering a full understanding of your situation from the intelligence gained at your initial consultation
  • Completing a full review of your current financial situation, addressing any specific issues as requested
  • Researching the market to identify suitable solutions for your specific needs
  • Recommending an investment model that matches your investment risk profile and the subsequent assessment and suitability of any existing investments
  • Analysing and design your investment strategy
  • Once complete we will present a recommendation plan

Stage 3. Implemention/Intermediation Process

This process begins once we have your agreement on the strategy and may involve arranging investments, implementing products on your behalf or establishing a specific financial planning process and may include:

  • Handling of all fund and policy administration on your behalf
  • Providing regular updates to keep you informed of progress
  • Ensuring all your documents are issued in line with your expectations
  • All actions confirmed to you in writing

Stage 4. Ongoing Review and Adviser Support

We understand that your financial and personal objectives are likely to change over time, therefore an ongoing review service has always been an integral part to our business, as we believe that it can add significant value to both individuals and businesses. This allows us to:

  • Develop planning strategies taking into consideration your changing circumstances and objectives
  • Constantly review developments in economic conditions or legislation (taxation etc)
  • Offer a choice of differing levels of support dependent upon your needs
  • Provide us with the opportunity to give you access to new ideas and financial products



Our lives are busier than ever, that’s why one of our team will call you back to see how we can help. Just fill in the contact form and we’ll do the rest!

Monday-Friday 8:30am – 5:30pm.
Excludes Weekends and Bank Holidays.