Our Investment Process

Our investment process …

At the start of our investment process we aim to get to know you, your financial circumstances and your goals.

For example, everybody has a different interpretation of exactly what ‘risk’ means. We aim to ensure we capture what is appropriate for your circumstances, rather than a one size fits all approach.

Our simple yet advanced technology, based on award winning* research, will produce an assessment of your attitude to risk – how much potential loss you are prepared to accept in return for potential gains.

Crucially, we will then discuss this with you, bring the numbers to life and decide with you on an appropriate risk profile that you fully understand.

We’ll then suggest the right mix of assets to fit your profile.

*Distribution Technology‘s financial planning tools were awarded the greatest number of star ratings from a survey of 57 different tools, conducted in July 2011 by the Finance & Technology Research Centre (F&TRC) for financial planning tools that support ‘growing pensions.’ Overall, the financial planning tools received an impressive 89 “four and five star” ratings in the 2011 E-Excellence research by F&TRC, spanning the growing pensions, at retirement, investment and protection sectors.

Clayton Holmes Naisbitt