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Quarterly Newsletter Autumn 2023

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We have sought to address topical issues that are likely to be of interest to most readers. Included in this edition are:
Achieving your long-term financial goals - It is important savers do not overly rely on cash savings but carry on investing.

Crackdown on ‘finfluencers’ - Influencers generating content on #financial topics are rising in popularity on social media, having been dubbed #finfluencers.

The FIRE investment movement - Turbo-charging chances of early retirement success by embracing FIRE principles of investing.

Tax punishment on prudence - Taxes on savings and dividends are set to soar this fiscal year in what is being seen as a fresh attack on savers who have shown prudence and thrift.

Lifetime Allowance removal provides pension boost - A survey has revealed the impact that scrapping the pension Lifetime Allowance (LTA) is having on people’s retirement planning strategies.

‘Megatrends are defining the future’ - The emergence of new trends like AI and electric vehicles are set to shape our future, experts suggest.

Overcome the complexities of succession planning - New-build properties remain overwhelmingly popular despite a small drop in the number of starts in the past year.

Dividend Allowance cuts: implications for investors - Understanding the full impact of fiscal changes on investments has never been so critical.
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