Review and Recommendation process

This could involve a specific review of particular issues you feel require attention or could involve a complete overview of your entire financial situation. Any or all of the following issues could form part of our review service and we would agree this at the initial consultation.

Investment Review
An objective assessment of your risk tolerance and complete review of existing investments held, including the interest rates applicable on cash deposits.

Taxation Review*
A review of the opportunities and threats created by the taxation rules in relation to the areas of investment, pensions and retirement planning.

Pensions Review
A review of existing pension arrangements, along with an assessment of the viability of value added strategies such as Self Invested Personal Plans (SIPPS) and Small Self Administered Schemes (SSAS). We also offer a remote service for smaller pension funds where the holdings are reviewed quarterly and managed up to retirement.

Retirement Planning
Guidance on how best to use the pension funds you have available to generate income in retirement, including conventional annuity purchase, investment linked annuities, capital protected annuities, impaired life annuities, Unsecured Pension (USP) and Alternatively Secured Pension (ASP), Open Annuity and Scheme Pension.

Protection Review
An Assessment of any life or health protection policies in place, the level of cover provided and any identified shortfalls.

Estate Planning Review*
A review of any existing legal documents in place, along with an assessment on the impact of Inheritance Tax on your estate and possible solutions to mitigate this.

Lifestyle Financial Planning*
The creation and implementation of a strategy to enable you to achieve your objectives.

Using the information gathered we will develop a detailed financial plan. We will research the market, reviewing a wide range of products and providers. Once our investigation has been completed we will then be in a position to identify and recommend specific solutions to meet your needs and objectives.

Clayton Holmes Naisbitt