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Upholding our values

Sophie Thornhill, one of the Partners here at CHN has been shortlisted for the prestigious Women in Financial Advice Awards 2020, which takes place next week. We caught up with her this week to talk about the values and vision at CHN.

At CHN we have always valued face to face interaction, often feeling that we are in a privileged role visiting clients in their homes, and over the last few months we have been really missing those chats and moments that make our role so unique and special. We spend time learning what a client wants, what they like, and where they want to be in the future; with the best will in the world, technology or digital interactions can’t replace human to human contact when it comes to building a strong trusted relationship.

We think the world needs the human connection more than ever. It needs people who strive for deeper relationships, not just a surface recognition, but those who are truly invested and committed to looking after clients, and understanding their needs, preferences and nuances.

I can remember working in another role, for another company, when I arranged a new investment of a large inheritance for a new client. The day after the meeting an offer was launched waiving management charges for 12 months. I immediately called my manager asking if I could honour the deal for my client, although the paperwork was dated a day previously.

“You see Sophie, it is like this - if you see a dress and buy it one day, and it goes into sale the day after, then it is just tough luck.” I got in my car and drove to the clients with new forms. Good Financial Advice and client relationships are nothing like buying a dress.

Our company motto has always been “One Team, One Vision”, but at a recent Board Meeting we had a debate about changing this to “Our Vision”. Ultimately, our ambition needs to reflect that of all of the whole team, from reception to office manager, from admin assistant to consultant, to ensure that our clients have the very best experience and outcome. And our vision needs to be the same as our clients!

Collectively, we are fully invested in the clients that choose to invest with us, which is only right when they entrust us with their hard earned cash. That being said, we should never lose sight of the fact that our clients have a choice... and it is all of our responsibility for ensuring that CHN ultimately provides an experience and level of service that is second to non.

Unfortunately for now, our face to face interactions need to remain limited, utilising technology where possible to keep everyone safe. However we will always be there for our clients to provide a great service, supporting and guiding them to reach their financial goals