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What's new at CHN

Here at CHN Financial Consultancy we are always looking at ways to continually improve the way we work so we can provide an even better service to our clients.

It’s been a strange and worrying time whilst the country has been in lockdown and the challenges we’ve faced over the past few months have meant we’ve needed to implement some changes to ensure we’re still able to provide support to our clients during this time and moving forwards. We’ve embraced these changes and introduced new technology to support our business, which will add further value to the service we provide to our clients.

Let’s take a quick look over some of the new initiatives we’ve introduced and how were utilising technology going forward:

Video Calls

Video calls have been around for a while, however we have always preferred to meet with our clients face to face where possible. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic and the announcement of a UK-wide lockdown, face to face meetings were simply not possible.

In the run up to lockdown, when the news of coronavirus was surfacing, we began researching into and trialling the use of video calling for client meetings as we wanted to prioritise the health and wellbeing of both our clients and colleagues. We needed something secure, easy-to-use and accessible for our clients, and having found a few suitable options we began to roll this out across the firm.

We are now successfully using this for our client meetings where possible, meaning we can still get the ‘face-to-face’ experience, just in a virtual manner. One of the great things about the video calling facilities we have is the screen sharing functionality, meaning we’re able to share documents and reports with you, almost as if you were in the room with us. Don’t worry though, if you’re not comfortable using this technology you can speak to your adviser about your options.


We have implemented electronic signature options to help speed up the process of getting client documents signed. Previously we would get the documents signed during meetings with clients, or have to send these out in the post to be returned, however with the inability to see clients face-to-face and with the delays from the postal service across the UK, we needed a solution which could work for us.

These options allow us to securely upload and send our clients documents/agreements for them to sign and return. This saves time waiting for documents to be returned in the post and provides an easy e-signature option whilst we are unable to see clients face-to-face.

Qwil Messenger

Security and convenience when communicating with our clients is of high importance to us. Qwil Messenger has been introduced for this reason; not only does it provide a familiar chat user experience on both mobile and web, but has been designed to banking grade standards, enabling us to meet the strict compliance (including GDPR) and security requirements that make popular social platforms unsuitable for business purposes.

It is an invitation only service which means that the identity of all participants is known and verified. The service is encrypted and provides us with an efficient and convenient way to chat, request information, share sensitive documents (without the need for passwords) between clients and members of our team.


We have been using email communication for some time to send out a weekly market update to our clients, however when news of the pandemic started to circulate, we began to put the wheels in motion to move over further communications to email so we’d be prepared for the imminent lockdown. This has enabled our staff to work remotely and remain safe during this time, whilst ensuring vital communications have reached our clients in quick and reliable manner.

Social Media

Social media usage has increased massively over the past few months due to lockdown and with so many of us now viewing content this way, we thought it’d be the perfect place to post interesting financial articles for you to read.

We’ve posted about investing during uncertain times, the fact that financial scams have increased over recent months due to the pandemic, as well as the importance of ensuring you have adequate protection in place for your finances.

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