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Do you have a will?

To many people the title of this blog might seem a boring question and this seems to be borne out by the UK population.  Staggeringly, only 3 in 10 people in the UK have a will!  Despite everyone seeming to know about family wars being created through people dying intestate, it seems that people are not that bothered even in the face of the Treasury seemingly being the only benefactor when this happens.  The Treasury benefits to the tune of around £60 million per annum when this happens.

Making a will doesn’t mean you’re about to die.  What it does is to ensure that when you die your affairs are managed in the way you would wish them to be in order that the ones you love avoid undue upset and arguments. Despite some of the terminology being archaic, making a will is not difficult as you are simply stating what you wish to happen to your assets.  Putting your wishes down on paper with the help of an expert should be relatively straightforward and making a will is not expensive. 

Whether or not you are unable to face your own mortality the will making process is a plan for the future for your friends and family.  Or would you rather the taxman was the beneficiary of your demise?

If you want to know more about wills Clayton Holmes Naisbitt will be happy to help.  Please contact us on 0113 387 8240 for more information and advice.